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Staying Sober After Rehab

Moving From Rehab To Typical Life

Achieving sobriety is definitely an accomplishment which is incredible. However, remaining sober is another challenge by itself. Creation of novel leisure activities and establishment of targets help maintain abstinence.

It is easier to stay clean in a rehab centre because the environment is controlled, devoid of any factors that had earlier pushed toward addiction.

Rehab can provide a great foundation for security along with the tools that are required to heal and cope even after the individual has left the facility.

Getting back to your life can be exhilarating after spending considerable time in rehab, but expect new challenges to come your way as you try to stay clean.

The best way to prevent relapse is by recognizing the triggers that might tempt you. This will enable them to stay away from drugs forever.

Avoiding Temptations After Coming Out Of Rehab

Getting back to normal life after staying in a protected, controlled environment is not easy.

Time and again you may encounter situations where your commitment to sobriety is being tested.

Company of old acquaintances, being in the midst of old surroundings, and specific emotions might lure you into reaching out for the substance to which you were earlier addicted to.

Here are few things you can engage in as distractions to manage triggers:

  • Establish Positive Relationships and Support System
  • Find yourself among positive friends and loved ones who genuinely care for your welfare.
  • Participate in support groups or have a reliable confidant who will not only police your negative tendencies but also holds you accountable for your actions and commitment.
  • Environment Change
  • You need to change the environment in a way that you don't get the urges to use the drugs again.
  • Make an attempt to avoid places, which can spark feelings of interest in the use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Define Future Goals
  • When you have a set of goals for the future, it will become much simpler for you to manage the temptations as and when they arise.
  • Staying sober becomes easier when you know and define why you want sobriety and how your life will be richer for it.
  • Never Miss Your Follow Up Appointments
  • Attendance of clinic visitation with your physician or at the place where you received treatment is important.
  • The temptation to skip the meetings or beginning to feel that you can handle matters yourselves will certainly be there, but it will be easier to keep away or manage temptations when you receive health and support from the professionals who guided you in the first place.
  • Always be grateful for how far you have come in your recovery journey.
  • Becoming aware of the good things in your life will make you realize that you are indeed lucky, and then you wouldn't want to throw them away.
  • Five circumstances that bring joy and satisfaction should be documented every passing day.
  • Replace Bad Habits With New Better Ones
  • The change of lifestyle can take sometime to fully get the groove of it but it's all worth it in the end.

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Partake In Sober Activities Instead Of Using

You will experience success in withdrawing from the drugs if you engage in new hobbies.

In the absence of alcohol and other substances, non-indulgent habits can still be interesting.

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The following are some of the things you can take part in:

  • Exercise
  • Mind reflections
  • Sports
  • Reading
  • Take part in art works
  • Go back to school or begin an online course
  • Learn a new language
  • Gardening
  • Volunteer.

Join Social Groups For A Support Feeling

After leaving the rehab, there are many support group that you can register with and continue being clean. Surround yourselves with these encouraging individuals by joining a support group, attending sessions of counselling and participating in activities, which allow you to meet other people.

Other activities that you can pursue are personal therapy sessions, 12-step community sessions, and other alternative support systems.

Partying Around Drugs And Alcohol While Remaining In Control

It may be challenging for a person who has just left rehab to resist the temptation to drink a little when they are in a bar. When you are in a place where access to drinks or other possible substances is uninhibited, then you may just well forget about sobriety.

You can, however, resist this temptation when you are in such kind of an environment.

Avoiding Triggers in Social Functions

  • Keeping a company that is sober is one of the best way to overcome this.
  • Only pick non-alcoholic beverages and keep them in your hands to keep you occupied.
  • Minimise the time you spend within the party by arriving late or leaving early.
  • Depart immediately if you begin to feel uncomfortable or tempted.

Why You Should Get And Stay Sober

Better state of the circulatory and hepatic systems, abundance of energy, and ability to rest well are some of the numerous health merits. In addition to that, there are some advantages that you will get and not just for your health. Other benefits of staying sober:

  • Getting to meet new abstinent people
  • Frugal spending
  • Enjoyment of living
  • More energy to do things
  • Having a positive look
  • Being a mentor for people that are also trying to stop the use of drugs

Perhaps saying that bouncing back and getting well from addiction is a very daunting task could be an understatement. Don't expect a bump-free ride to recovery; you will have to work hard continuously. You reap a sunny disposition and positive outlook in maintaining your commitment to sobriety.

You need every ounce of strength and positivity in completing this quest to total recovery. Keep your focus on the ultimate prize of sobriety no matter what is thrown your way.